Our standard rate for Gas Boiler servicing is €95.00





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  • O.A.P’s

Here are some very important reasons why you should use us to service your boiler:

Did you know that servicing your boiler yearly you can save as much as  €150.00 on your annual heating costs whilst reducing your CO2 levels and protecting you from carbon monoxide. 19 detailed checks and tests on your boiler and heating system.Highly qualified and highly trained Registered Gas Installers.

Peace of mind your boiler is working safely and effectively particularly during the colder months of the year.Evening, Saturday & Sunday appointments available.Call out appointments within 2 hours for breakdowns.

  1. Check the condition of and permitted location of the appliance and its  electrical controls;

  2. Inspect flue integrity, suitability, condition, size, route, functionality, terminal, cowl, guard and installation standard;

  3. Check ventilation as per manufacturer’s instructions or as outlined in  IS:813 2002 (edition 2 – ensuring correct location, size, type and source;

  4. Conduct electrical safety tests including fuse rating, isolation switch, polarity, earth continuity, resistance to earth, short circuit test, supply  voltage.

  5. Check accessibility, functionality and condition of isolating valves;

  6. Inspect / clean fan unit and evaluate performance and functionality;

  7. Inspect / clean heat exchanger as per manufacturer’s instructions;

  8. Inspect / clean / adjust main and pilot burners and injectors;

  9. Check / clean / adjust ignition and ionisation electrodes;

  10. Check flame picture;

  11. Check temperature control;

  12. Check operation of boiler safety devices;

  13. Check appliance gas rating;

  14. Conduct burner pressure tests;

  15. Sample air intake analysis;

  16. Sample flue gas analysis to ensure efficient and safe operation of the appliance;

  17. Conduct appliance gas safety tests;

  18. Adjustment time and temperature controls as required; and

  19. Complete RGII appliance conformance certificate and leave copy with the Customer.