Boilers supplied and fitted from Dublin Gasworks

H.E High Efficiency Boiler:

dublin gas viessmannboilerThese are modern gas boilers often called condensing or condenser boilers and are not to be confused with combi boilers as there are also condensing combi boilers also. Both operate at a much higher efficiency than a standard efficiency boiler – very little  of the flames heat is lost via the exhaust and almost all of the heat generated by the flame is transferred into the central heating water. Many of these boiler also modulate and therefore use only the amount of gas needed to keep the heat at a constant.

These boilers can use between 30 and 40 % less gas than older SE (Standard efficiency boilers) They require regular annual servicing to maintain efficiency with major service every 5 years or so. On top of annual servicing, these major services are essential to ensure the operational life of the boiler, it can take up to 4 hours to perform these major services and is not classed as  the standard service which should be performed each year.

Combi HE Combination High Efficiency:

These boilers are almost identical to a HE boiler in appearance but have 1 added feature, you do not need a hot water cylinder as your domestic hot water is provided directly by the Combi Boiler because the boiler will have a secondary  heat exchanger fitted internally to provide “On Demand Hot Water”. This eliminates the need for stored hot water – you only heat what you need, when you need it. This is a far more cost effective method of domestic hot water generation. However a home needs a water supply with good pressure, flow rate and adequate pipe sizing. If you currently have a hot water tank –  your system will need to be altered to allow for a combi-boiler.

S.E & Combi SE Boilers: Standard Efficiency Boiler:

Standard efficiency boiler are generally more robust and take more abuse that more modern high efficient boilers, however they are very expensive to run and maintain as most are well past the halfway mark of their life span. The do not condense or modulate.

System Boilers:

dublin gasworks ariston-boiler-repairs-3A system boiler is generally a boiler that comes with its circulation pump and expansion vessel integrated within the boiler casing. They area available in HE, HE combi, SE and SE Combi. The are relatively compact and tidy in appearance with no external pumps or vessels. However replacement parts are expensive and sometimes difficult to install due to the location of boiler in kitchens and cupboards etc. where restricted access an be a problem.

Heat Only Boiler:

As the name suggest, heat only boilers provide only heat, the have no integrated pumps or expansion vessels – these are normally installed outside the boiler on the pipework. Most older boilers tend to be heat only, though modern HE Boilers are available in this format.

Older Heat only boiler tended to be very robust but inefficient by modern standards – many are obsolete and spare parts are becoming hard to come by.

Modern HE Heat Only Boilers are not reliant on model specific replacement pumps and expansion vessles, therefore will be cheaper to repair when and if these items warrant replacement.

dub-gasworksIdeal Boilers

20 -25 KW A rated

Condensing Boiler

Ideal Boilers reliability comes as standard with all of our products. With a wide range of warranty options through to a customer service team on hand seven days a week, when you choose an Ideal boiler we can provide you with ultimate boiler peace of mind.

Our high efficiency boilers include combi boilers, heat only boilers, system boilers and the system IE design specifically for the Irish market requirements.

n2Worcester Bosch

Green Star 18-24kw

Condensing Boiler

With more than 1 million Greenstar i , already installed, the award-winning boiler series is already well-established in the UK.

Compact in size the Greenstar i, is ideal for apartments and small to medium-sized properties with one bathroom.

For further peace of mind, the Greenstar i Junior has been awarded a Which? Best Buy accreditation for the second year running and has undergone a series of enhancements including the addition of a domestic hot water control to the boiler fascia.

10 year guarantee on primary heat exchanger and 5 year guarantee on the plate heat exchanger.

Central heating output: 18 or 24kW


Intergas Rapid Range: 15,18,25 & 32 Kw

Available In: System & Combi formats

dub gas bThe Intergas Rapid was Europe’s first High Efficiency boiler, developed in Holland in the mid nineties .

This placed Intergas well ahead of its competitors.

It features a patented design dual heat exchanger that can only be found in the Intergas range, 4 moving parts and a built in digital timer.

The secret of the Intergas Rapid is in its simplicity and the practicality of its design design. At the heart of the Intergas range is the Intergas heat exchanger or Hex, this unique design means that the Combi version of the Intergas Rapid boiler will also consense in Hot Water mode as well as heating mode.

It is in our opinion that the Intergas Rapid range of boilers are  the most rugged boiler currently available on the market in Ireland.

There will be a compact version of this boiler come to the Irish market later this year.

Distributed by Joule, a Industry leader in the Irish Heating & Renewables  sector