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What we offer

We offer a variety of high quality systems and upgrades, not only gas and oil, we install air to water systems too. Our heating & plumbing professionals will work with you, to ensure you get a heating and hot water system that meets your needs and expectations, and that will provide you with years of comfort and peace of mind. We can retro fit everything from a boiler, to a full new system. Be it gas, oil or renewable energy. We can design a system to your exact needs. Plus you can avail for grants and carbon credit payment to offset the costs. 

Consider this

If you are renovating a bathroom and you have an old boiler and water tank, you should speak to us before going and further. Avoid installing an instant pumped shower before looking at your options. If you are modernizing your home, you really do need to consider your heating and electrical system. We constantly come across scenarios, where people have spent 10’s of thousands of euros renovating their home, only to have to undo and redecorate after the heating stopped circulating or they have had a major pipe or radiator failure. If you are up-sizing or adding radiators, you need to speak to a professional first. It is not uncommon to find, that after radiators have been up sized or added to an existing system, they do not heat fully or starve other radiators of energy. Some fitters add thermostatic radiator valves, with the hope of distributing the heat to mask the problem

Remember this

The boiler essentially only heats the water, and the pipes deliver this water to the radiators. So no matter how big your boiler or pump is, it’s still the pipework that carried this water to the radiators. If the pipes are not big enough, they cannot do what you expect them to. Replacing your heating system, is a cost effective method of increasing the comfort of your home. A heating system upgrade, could potentially save you over 30% on your energy bills. We offer a variety of high quality system upgrades. Our heating and plumbing experts will work with you, to ensure you make the best choice for your home. 22 detailed checks and test on your boiler and heating systems. 


  • Valves, Pumps, Taps, Showers etc.

    Modern taps and valves etc. tend to be quite well made and can usually last around 10 years. But it depends on usage etc. When the finish starts wearing away and the handles become discoloured or cracked, it’s generally a warning sign that your taps washers, O-rings, screws, clips, and valve assembly might need replacing but more often than not – it’s better to replace the unit as the labour charge is almost the same to replace as it is to repair.

  • How long should my pipes last?

    Plumbing & Heating systems can be made of different materials and different materials have different lifespans. Some last longer than others. This greatly depends on the standard of the installation by the original installer, periodic maintenance, water quality etc.

    Supply pipes are under constant pressure and when damaged, they are likely to cause leaks.

    Supply pipes can be made of copper, galvanized steel or brass.

    Brass has a lifespan of 40 to 70+ years; Gun Barrel & Galvanized Steel has a lifespan of 20-50 years; and copper has a lifespan of 50+ years.

    However – poor installation practices and/or lack of maintenance will have a serious impact on the life span or the pipework.

  • Do I need to upgrade my system?

    If your heating system was installed in the 60’s, 70’s or even the 80’s: especially if you are renovating or refurbishing a home the answer is YES,  this can be, in many ways a cost effective method of increasing the comfort and even safety of your home.

    In the early 90’s, non-barrier PE pipes such as Acorn non-barrier was widely used for a short period for heating installation – with some ill-informed plumbers using it up to the late 90’s, in some rare cases it was used by indifferent cost conscience contractors or D.I.Y people using it into the mid 00’s. What’s wrong with that you might ask: The answer is EVERYTHING – as oxygen is absorbed directly through the pipe wall this re-oxygenating the water and literally rotting the system from the inside out. This destroys radiators and boilers, clogging heat exchangers, choking Radiator valves, resulting in radiators & boilers seemingly bursting without warning etc.

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