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Dublin Gas Boiler Service, Gas Boiler Repair, Gas Boiler Replacements & Upgrades.
We provide gas boiler servicing, repairs, replacements upgrades, & general plumbing services.
We also provide full heating installations, system power flushing, & general plumbing services.
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Gas Boiler Service Dublin

Annual servicing is not just a service – more importantly it’s also safety and health check on your gas boiler and gas pipework. For boilers under warranty, manufacturers insist that their gas boilers are serviced annually. Importantly for older gas boilers that are out of warranty it ensures safe operation and minimizing the risk of Carbon Monoxide or other dangerous issues.

Having your gas boiler serviced each year not only reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and the escape of expensive gas which is a result of poorly maintained and faulty often gas boilers and appliances. Regular servicing will save you much more than the cost of a service over the heating season not only on efficiency but also repairs that could be avoided by early recognising potential problems.

At Dublin Gasworks service all types, makes and models of gas boilers including, non-condensing stand efficiency gas boilers, condensing gas boilers, open vented gas boilers, gas back boilers, system gas boilers, heat only gas boilers and combination gas boilers. Our team of R.G.I engineers are highly trained, experienced, and fully qualified to carry out your gas boiler services or to attend to any heating or plumbing issues.

We are here to make this less confusing by recommending only proven manufactures and products that suit you, meet your needs and your expectations.


Be it an upgrade, moving from oil, kerosene or solid fuel. Making the decision on what type or manufacturer of gas boiler that will suit you, your home and your lifestyle can be very confusing. This is also true for heating controls and the grants etc. – that are currently available. 


We can help make this less confusing by recommending only proven manufactures and products.


Will always vastly improve efficiency and peace of mind, but it can be a sizeable investment.

If you are redecorating or refurbishing your home you need to be mindful of what lies beneath. If this is the case, it is very important to consider a new heating system if that system is over 25 years or older. Many people have spent thousands of Euros on decoration and refurbishments only to have all this expensive work undone by old leaking, corroded, or choked pipework, valves, and radiators.