Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin

When you need a new Gas boiler replacement. Be it an upgrade or moving from oil, kerosene, or solid fuel, making the decision on what type or manufacturer of gas boiler replacement that will most effectively suit you, your home, and your lifestyle can be very confusing. This is also true for heating controls and the grants etc that are currently available. We can help make this less confusing by recommending only proven manufactures and products.

A new heating system will always vastly improve efficiency, but it can be a sizeable investment, so it is important to choose wisely. It is also very important to consider a new heating system if you are redecorating or refurbishing your home as you need to be mindful of what lies beneath. Many people have spent thousands of Euros on decoration and refurbishments only to have all this expensive work undone by old leaking, corroded, or choked pipework, valves, and radiator


Gas Boiler Upgrades Dublin

Looking for a gas boiler upgrade in Dublin? We offer a variety of high quality systems and upgrades, not only gas and oil, we install air to water systems too. Our heating & plumbing professionals will work with you, to ensure you get a heating and hot water system that meets your needs and expectations, and that will provide you with years of comfort and peace of mind. We can retro fit everything from a boiler, to a full new system. Be it gas, oil or renewable energy. We can design a system to your exact needs. Plus you can avail for grants and carbon credit payment to offset the costs. Look no further than our team to provide you will all the information you need to know about boiler upgrades Dublin.

Consider this

If you are renovating a bathroom and you have an old boiler and water tank, you should speak to us before going any further. Avoid installing an instant pumped shower before looking at your options. If you are modernizing your home, you really do need to consider your heating and electrical system. We constantly come across scenarios, where people have spent 10’s of thousands of euros renovating their home. Only to have to undo and redecorate after the heating stopped circulating or they have had a major pipe or radiator failure. If you are up-sizing or adding radiators, you need to speak to a professional first. It is not uncommon to find, that after radiators have been up sized or added to an existing system, they do not heat fully or starve other radiators of energy. Some fitters add thermostatic radiator valves, with the hope of distributing the heat to mask the problem

Remember this

The boiler essentially only heats the water, and the pipes deliver this water to the radiators. So no matter how big your boiler or pump is, it’s still the pipework that carried this water to the radiators. If the pipes are not big enough, they cannot do what you expect them to. Replacing your heating system, is a cost effective method of increasing the comfort of your home. A heating system upgrade, could potentially save you over 30% on your energy bills. We offer a variety of high quality system upgrades. Our heating and plumbing experts will work with you, to ensure you make the best choice for your home. With 22 detailed checks and test on your boiler and heating systems. 

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