Save some money in gas energy prices during this winter

Do you recall the last time you had your gas boiler serviced? If not, you should schedule your boiler service right away. We can all agree that living in a house with a broken heating system is difficult. A boiler that is properly maintained will operate effectively and faultlessly, saving you money. All boiler manufacturers advise doing routine maintenance on their boilers. Prevention is always better than cure, and when it comes to boilers a serviced gas boiler can be much efficient than an non serviced boiler.

How boiler service will save you money?

Gas boiler service is an important maintenance routine. Just like all the equipment’s, boilers needs to be serviced regularly to keep them in good condition. Otherwise, the buildups and wear and tear on the boiler can cause it to fail sooner. Replacing a gas boiler, changing a large component or upgrading a gas boiler can be costly. A boiler’s normal life span is 10-15 years, and properly maintained boilers can last even longer.

Serviced boilers can also save money by running efficiently. Properly cleaned radiators can heat up in less time. Maintaining the gas boiler is helpful for reducing carbon footprints and save energy. Aged boilers can push gas bills if not maintained correctly. A certified service engineer will check the boiler and look for any faults or worn out parts and replace and fix it to the standards. Dublin Gasworks RGI certified engineers do 19 separate tests and checks to know the boilers health and act accordingly.

Safety is the one of the another reason to service the gas boiler regularly. Gas leakage or carbon monoxide leak and other problems may happen if the gas boiler is not kept in a proper manner.

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Maintaining all electrical equipment is the best thing you can do to help keep our planet clean by conserving energy and thus reducing the emissions generated when electricity is produced.